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This program is non refundable and non transferable.

In the case of illness or injury, or inability to complete the program, SSF offers one reset start date at a time when the program is next offered.  Reason for discontinue must be provided at the time of discontinue and approved by SSF.

I understand that the material and content on these pages and within the 6 Week Transformation Program is copyrighted and is the property of Sherry Shaban and Sherry Shaban Fitness (SSF).  I agree not to use, copy or share any of the information within these pages and within the 6 Week Transformation Program without the written permission of Sherry Shaban  and Sherry Shaban Fitness.

I also agree not share the 6 Week Transformation program username and login as I understand that it is intended only for my own personal use. Instead, I will share the registration page for the program for those interested.

I agree that sharing of the username and login will result in immediate dismissal of the program and termination of my subscription.

Sometimes having some extra support at the beginning is exactly what we are looking for. Let's connect one on one and make sure you smash your goals!

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Kickstart your fitness, sculpt your body, flatten your midsection and build on momentum to keep going in just 6 Weeks, no matter your experience. 


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  • Three 20-Minute Weekly Workouts inside the course

  • Exercise demonstrations and modifications to suit your level and help you progress

  • Nutrition Workshop and Downloadable 6 Week Meal Plan

  • Downloadable Meal Plan and Tracker Sheet

  • Weekly Assignments and Private Facebook Accountability Group

  • Private Facebook Group with Bonus Content

**SSF donates 10% of all proceeds to the Jaguar Rescue Center in Limon, Costa Rica.  

***Prices are in USD as this is an international program.

What People Are Saying:

Joining this program has had a tremendously positive impact on my life. Despite having worked out at different gyms over many years I can honestly say that at almost 40 years old I have never been more fit or felt more confident about myself as I do today.

Stephanie R.

I'm SO PROUD of myself for taking the 6 Week Transformation with Sherry Shaban and the visible transformation to my body. More importantly, I joined to learn how to eat real food (no supplements, etc) so that I could increase my energy... and I feel FAB-U-LOUS. Andrew did it too and he looks and feels great. He's more energetic, playful, and fun, too. That's been a great side-effect of the program because we are doing more together (bike rides, etc)

Annette S.