If you're looking for an effective program that is low impact, adaptable and respectful of your injuries, then you're in the right place!   For the first time ever, Rhonda Massad, influencer, award winning blogger, radio announcer, and community activist touching the lives of millions shares the secrets to her high energy life.  You are about to discover how you can do it all too.

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"If you’re looking to make some real changes from within that will have a positive lasting impact on you then I highly suggest you sign up for this program. Mindset is a huge focus and as we all know, mindset shift is what makes lasting changes. The workouts are quick and effective and get the job done. After a couple of weeks you’ll feel so much stronger. I was never a runner and now can run a 5k!"

Effie- Advanced Transformation athlete


Soon you'll discover how 20 minutes, 3 times per week, is all you need to see results. Sherry's signature 50Fit workouts are adapted to each individual level and limitation. New workouts added weekly!


Never diet, count calories or go hungry again.  Sherry's 28 Day Meal Plan meal plan is designed to fuel performance and take off the stress - and body fat -  for good. Vegetarian/Vegan options included!


You're about to discover how to work with your injuries and limitations, instead of avoiding them.  Mobility, restorative and stretching videos added weekly! Fitness is possible for everyone.

In addition to weekly workouts, a super simple meal plan and mindset videos, inside this 12 Month Program you’ll also learn how to: 

💥 Master your schedule to support your goals
💥 Create sustainable habits
💥 Overcome limiting beliefs around exercise and diet
💥 Create long term results
💥 Honour your body and work with any limitation

Plus some of the the extras: 

🔥 Private Facebook group (Transformation Tribe) for accountability and inspiration

🔥 Connect and chat with Sherry and Rhonda

🔥 Interviews with health professionals and thought leaders

🔥 12 Month Workout Library (updated weekly)

🔥 12 Month of Mindset Videos, Content, Interviews updated weekly

🔥 Downloadable 28 Day Transformation Meal Plan

🔥 Downloadable recipes

🔥 Downloadable food journal templates


And so much more!

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