How to Eat for Your Best Results

I get asked often about how I eat - whether I am plant based, paleo, Keto or what my macros are.
The truth is, I am not a label and neither is the way I eat! Instead I eat a clean, primarily plant based diet, and follow these basic principles that I would love to share with you!
(1) Most of what goes on my plate is a plant. In fact that’s first thing that goes on my plate and takes the majority of the space.
(2) I supplement this plant based meal with legumes, whole grains, starchy carbs and healthy fats.
(3) I avoid processed foods and foods that are more than “one ingredient.” This includes any man made foods or food replacement products that are often disguised as “health foods”. If it was not made by nature I tend to avoid it.
(4) I avoid refined sugars and sweets. Instead I make my own nutritious desserts when I’m craving a treat.
(5) I eat a lot of healthy, plant-based fats. For the macro-counters, plant-based fats account to about 50% of my daily calories. My protein and carbohydrates are about 25% of total calories each. 😉
(6) I avoid dairy because technically we are not made to eat it! Humans are the only mammals that still continue to eat another animal’s lactation all the way throughout their adulthood! Try removing dairy for just one week and you will discover a world of difference in your health that you never knew existed.
(7) I avoid intake of beef, chicken and animal derived foods. But in the rare occasion that I do have some, I always choose the leanest cuts of beef or chicken that come from healthy, hormone and antibiotic-free, grass-fed and free range animals.
(8) I do my best to be conscious of the environment while I shop. I avoid excess packaging and plastics and support locally whenever I can.
Remember that we are what we eat and our bodies are the most magnificent, magical vessels that will carry us through our journey of life. We only get one.
I hope you have found this useful and hope to hear your comments and questions.